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[icon] Its close to midnight, and I sleep alone tonight
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Time:10:14 pm

my new livejournal

friends only. comment to be added

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Time:01:51 pm

--comment to be added--♥--
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Current Music:rufio//in my eyes
Subject:dont worry i'll catch you...
Time:11:54 am
Current Mood:awakewakey wakey
wow, emo? rufio? havent listened to these guys in a million and a half years. whatever i'm sweet.

last night was a lot of FUN! i went to lunch with my mommy, then we went to J.'s and picked up my tipshare and check for the past three days and i got a 100! it was nice. then after, chris came over and we installed his pinnacle studio in my computer, i showed him some things on it, because of the thing radio and tv ACTUALLY taught me. (i-Movie..which is so similar) then we went and got our snow gear and went to meegans. i didnt feel like sledding though, i was kind of scared and my head was already hurting. so i didnt want to get knocked out again, but i'll go next time.

then it was to max and ermas and our waitress was a bitttch, and the food was that good and my oreo milkshake was sub-par to say the least.

i should get ready though because Chris-face and i are going shopping!

some people are so stupppid. but its all gravy, they just need to be happy with the way things are. and life will be better for you.

i try hard to not think about it, it makes me sad, i'm dealing everyday. sometimes my smiles are pasted on my face like a cardboard cut-out. i'm taking babysteps. i'm trying. almost five years, almost five years.
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Subject:im fuckin bored
Time:10:57 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
so i'm fuckin bored, and fucking tired, i fucking got off work. it was fuckin busy for a monday.

hehe i know, i know. i swear like a drunken sailor. but its cute.

so here because i'm bored

Check all that apply
[x] been drunk.
[x] smoked pot.
[x] kissed a member of the opposite sex.
[x] rode in a taxi.
[x] been dumped.
[x] shoplifted. okay i was three and it was eyeshadow
[x] been fired.
[x] been in a fist fight.
[x] had sex.
[x] had a threesome - kissing or otherwise
[x] snuck out of your parent's house. down the street...
[ ] been arrested.
[ ] made out with a stranger.
[ ] stole something from your job.
[ ] celebrated new years in times square.
[ ] went on a blind date.
[x] lied to a friend.
[ ] had a crush on a teacher.
[ ] celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans.
[ ] been to europe.
[x] skipped school.i prefer the term "play hookie" and my mom let me. shes a baller
[ ] thrown up from drinking.
[ ] lost your sibling.
[x] played 'clue'
[x] had a sleepover party.
[x] went ice skating.
[ ] dropped x.
[ ] cheated on a bf/gf.
[x] been cheated on.
[ ] had a quinceañera.
[ ] had a car.
[x] drove.
Do you...
[x] have a bf.
[ ] have a gf.
[ ] have a crush.
[x] feel loved.
[ ] feel lonely
[x] feel happy.
[ ] hate yourself.
[ ] think youre attractive.
[ ] have a dog.
[x] have your own room.
[ ] listen to rap.
[x] listen to rock.
[x] listen to soul.
[x] listen to techno.
[x] listen to reggae.
[ ] paint your nails.
[x] have more than 1 best friend.
[x] play an instrument.
[x] have slippers.
[x] wear boxers.i usually steal chris'
[x] wear black eyeliner
[x] like the color blue.
[x] like the color yellow.
[ ] cyber.
[ ] claim.
[x] like to read.
[x] like to write.
[ ] have long hair.
[x] have short hair.
[x] have a cell phone.
[ ] have a laptop.
[ ] have a pager.

&story time

so after work, i went to mcdonalds to get a small shake. i swear i was in drive thru hell. for like 10 min. at least. not even kidding. and i think chris has food poisioning, so i visteded him after drive thru hell.
i have to pick up my tip shares tomorrow morning. i have at least three i have to get, and one check (which will be for at least four dollars. sweet) but the tip shares should be at least high twenty i'm hoping.

i dont want break to be over with. cuz then its back to the mindless grind, and then auditions which come with ego's and eggos (haha, i'm funny) but it'll be great because i get to hizang with amazing people and craigers will be there!!!

the good and not so good even out pretty nicely i must say.

SHOVELING TOMORROW!!! how sweet is that. i bet your jealous.

today mark and i practiced our ketchup scene for dinner theatre. its sweet!


*ohps- i think i'm going to gauge my ears again!!weee.
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Current Music:pimp my ride
Subject:i'll pimp YOUR ride, BITCH!!!
Time:03:23 pm
Current Mood:artisticartistic
any who...x-ymas was fun. i'm jumpin on the bandwagon of what i got

-a new chair to replace my granny rockin chair in my room, its purple fiberglass and chrome
-a new purple glass shelf
-fuzzy purse
-leather gloves
-a HUGE can of hair spray
-a frickin window scraper
-about 400dollares
-down blankie
- smelly stuff
-more smelly stuff
-one more smelly thing
-MARYLIN MONROE BOOK!!! from meegies!
-:blush: diamond and white gold necklace from chris
-and a gift certificate to DICK BLICKS ART STORE!!!!!!!!!!

well i'm spoiled. but i think i did good this year with the presents i gave. so thats good.

i'm now going to go re-decorate my room, clean, go to meegans house ( i stole chris' car while hes at work)and hang

see you later alligators!

&ps-i'm going to go to the art store, buy some new paitns and canvas and paint something to go over my bed instead of that lammmmme old fashioned thing i have!
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Subject:crashing ckisses under high strung stars
Time:12:16 pm
Current Mood:rejuvenatedrejuvenated
so i didnt want to go to work last night, because there was a GS show and well, frankly work sucks compared to going to shows, but i got off at nine. called chris, and the show was over! total bummer.

but i got home, and i let my mom open one of her presents (we never can hold out) and glenn had given her one, so i got two!! i got this really sweet purple chair and an even sweeter total mod shelf made out of purple fiber glass. so awesome. so we were baking cuppy cakes and lo and behold, chris came over. it was our diezytres month and him, my mom and i all ate lamb chops. i think he ended up going home around midnight, or midnightthirty. something like that.

i went up stairs and just layed in bed...my legs felt like i worked out for four hours. it sucked. but i was out so fast!

people are starting to come over at four, my mom says we have no time left...eh we got plenty to get ready.

then chris is gonna come over around 8:30 after work, hang out then its off to the huge lietz family party (i think i was invited!)

and tomorrow volunteering at the church, i have to call miss sarah galt.
after that, christmas dinner at chris and kt's sisters house!

what a busy schedule!

happy christmas too all!!!
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Time:10:04 pm
Current Mood:disappointeddisappointed
you know what sucks?

after taking a shower, seeing the hair at the drain is yours, and your losing your hair faster than you 40yr old mother.

and its not genetic either, nor is it from dying my hair.

dack ass car accidents
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Subject:[insert romantic verse]
Time:02:57 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
so my mother and i are eating lunch downstairs, and we were talking about chris' present, then we started talking about bob. i said meegan and i wont let him shop for his clothes by himself, and my mom says 'hes a very nice looking boy with a nice looking body' needless to say. i was grossed out.

i have like almost ALL of my christmas shopping done, i have my grandparents but they arent coming down until january before my grandmothers back surgery. all will go well.

i got a picture of my cousin emma yesterday. she is the c.utest thing i have ever seen.

meegan, bob and i have chris' birthday present picked out. oh its so baller, not even kidding.

sometimes, i like to play ghetto. and sometimes i miss sarah galt. sometimes i wish she would cizall.

work tomorrow. i hope its not busy. people need to go to little ceasars and taco bell from here on until christmas and make them busy..not j's

well i'm going to take a nap

call me laterrr if plans arise

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Current Music:beatles//blackbird
Subject:so take a look at me now...
Time:12:27 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
so the musical and dinner theatre try-outs are comming up after the break. oh how joyus. and by joyous i mean nervewracking and my that i mean ulcear. okay, well not ulcear because i'm not doing that to myself. what be will be, and thats all i can play with. i'm excited for the dancing though. craig is amazing because he knows what hes doing, and i love him to death. i like how his style and how he'll take certain moves from each of the shows he's been in, but he dosent take all of it. i like that. he also dosent take anything from like any of the bullshit 'pop-icons' out nowadays.

stupid christmas shopping. stuppppid.

okay, so because of june rally and fucking stevenson i have to make my graduation party RIGHT AFTER COMMENCEMENTS.dear stevenson, i hate you. please die. sincerly, taylor.

chris and i have to get writing what we're doing for the dinner theatre. and by that i mean hes the writing genius and will do it.

MARK GENEROUS! WE ALSO NEED TO SCHEDULE TIME TOGETHER FOR OUR KETCHUP THING-A-BOB! i believe you have my cell phone number sir. i love you dear!

i cant stand some people. and how 'they had some(thing) before i did' and how they pull this thing on me, like they ruled it, and must put that in my face somehow. to make themseleves feel better that they show control, when in all acutality they have none. and to know how that some(thing) feels about the situation and the person, as bad as that may seem, it makes me feel better. (oh that makes me sound like a horrible person..) well whatever, i'm over that jealousy..because there really is no reason.

my grandma has three feet of snow up north. thats so much!

i do not like j.alexanders. at all. i wish to quit. well, i'm saving up for my tattoo, and i plan to quit on my birthday, or something. and find a new job, one thats...not so anal. i figure though, if i still do need the money there, i can just get my tattoo and not my nose, so i can still work there if need be.

i'm sooo ticked because I HAVE TO WORK THURSDAY!!! so i cant go to happy friggin holidays II! oh jay alexanders, how i hate you so. BUT EVERYONE ELSE STILL SHOULD GO!!! LIVONIA MALL YOUTH THEATRE! SIX P.M. THIS THURSDAY!

time to get ready for shopping

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Current Music:tee vee
Subject:Oh Love, I Love You Dear..
Time:05:46 pm
Current Mood:hungryhungry
So yesterday was the xmas dance! it was fun! i wore my blue dress and was deemed cinderella. too bad it was itchy, but i am glad it still fit from sophmore year. the after the time warp, we all fell and kenny fell on my head and knocked my vision out for awhile. it was all fun though (love kenny)

then ktizzle and i went to go sleep and we slept under our table fort! it was tiiight. the church is always cold as hell. i wore chris' sweat pants, two shirts, a hoodie and one sock(i lost the other one!!) and i had two sleeping bags, three sheets, two pillows and wilbur. i was pretty content!

then this morning, chris went home before service and slept so after service kt drove me back to their house and i crawled into chris' bed and his arms. it was very adorable. i love bein in his arms more than anything.

so..i'm really hungry!! i think i'm going to go eat!
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[icon] Its close to midnight, and I sleep alone tonight
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